Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Weather: It's already feeling like 35

Situated: On the couch in the living room
Waiting for: Laundry to finish
Eating: Honey Bunches of Oats
Drinking: Water with Lemon
Listening to: construction noise of balconies being replaced on our building, pigeons cooing. (UGH to both)
Wishing: that the contractors had cleaned our balcony before opening it back up
Dreading: Cleaning the pigeon shit off of our balcony
Need:  Earplugs, Pigeon netting
Excited for:  Getting our balcony back to usable space
Planning: to get a BBQ and have people over
Wearing: H&M tank top, houndstooth shorts
Not going to: take a picture before I've showered
Laughing at: this picture of Steve from last week, as he tries to shoo the pigeons.  Funny that it barely shoots any water - dollar store you get what you pay for

Happy: That he's finished his giant exam, and that he had such a great study group

Slightly worried: about my hometown Thunder Bay - there's some crazy flooding
Going to:
Finish this blog post and go shower
Go get my laundry and fold it
Sort through some freshly taken photos, then edit
Take a walk to escape the noise
Call my mom to make sure the water isn't near her house 
Go see the Blue Jays play the Orioles tonight


  1. I am jealous of you for so many things. The Blue Jays, yes, but especially the shower - we're being asked not to use unnecessary water until the flooding situation is under control. :\

    My parents' place had a bit of flooding, and their insurance company sent people to come empty the place out and tear out all carpeting and flooring. Many places in town got it FAR worse though - the East End in particular, many basements were totally flooded, everything in them ruined.

    (All things considered, I'm counting my blessings.)

  2. Love the shooing of birds. Dollar store is dollar store right?


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