Saturday, April 21, 2012

How I annoy myself.

Sunrise.  We meet again.

I cannot sleep in. 
It's what annoys me about myself the most and it seems I'll never be able to change it. 
My internal alarm clock has been set to 'early' for my entire life. 

I suppose it started when I was a toddler.  My Dad worked at 6 am and I got up right there with him. 
Move on a decade and a half later and I would wake up every morning before high school and paint my nails in ridiculously detailed patterns to match the day. 
In college, when my friends would pull all-nighters in the editing labs, I would take the shift for in the morning instead, when they'd all tuckered out. 

I will freely admit this does not make me a good 'party' friend.   No, it's easier for me to wake up and function at 4am than it is to stay out until 4am.   I'm more like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage at midnight.

But what about when I stay out late? Can't I just sleep a bit later too?
No.  Not going to happen.  It never does.  For example today, when I woke up 2 hours before my alarm was to go off.  Why not try just going back to sleep?  Been there, tried that too, many a time.  I will lay there for hours and never get to sleep again, so I might as well just get up and do something.
I do like the morning.  The quiet before anyone else is awake has become one of my favourite things.   It is a lot easier to like in the summer - when the world looks like the photo above, and not like this:

But on a day like today it's annoying.  I stayed up late and would love another 2 hours sleep right now.  At least thank goodness for naps.  ;)

Are you an early riser or a night owl? 


  1. Ahhh! I wish I were more of an early riser - it would make opening shifts at work and early classes way easier to wake up for. But I guess I'm not much of either, I like my well rounded sleep. If I had to choose though I think stay ing up late is easier for me!


  2. I used to be pretty much nocturnal, but I've gotten adjusted to waking up early because of work, and can't sleep in much anymore. I actually kind of like it, though - for the early-morning quiet you described, and it's also nice to not miss any more daylight than I absolutely have to.


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