Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If we were in the same grade.

If you were in my class today, with a construction paper mailbox on the edge of your desk, I would deliver one of these Valentines to you.

I miss those days.  I definitely had an appreciation for both the handmade cards and Garfield ones with crossword puzzles on the back.  And I especially treasured the ones from the boys who weren't so gross all of a sudden. 
I found this set of vintage valentines at a bookstore last year, and it turns out they're exactly the same as the ones my mom would always give as a kid.  Too cute. 
I hope you have a wonderful day today, whatever you're up to, dog gone it.  ;)


  1. That dog just wants to be someone's Valentine, and he looks *super angry* about it. :|

  2. So cuteeee! I love valentine's day and giving out valentine's cards. I meant to do it today but I didn't have any time to make any considering I had a midterm and stuff :( Next year!


  3. I love the angry dog one. I definitely miss this the most about being a kid in elementary school... we always decorated our mailboxes and everything.


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