Wednesday, January 18, 2012

52 weeks: the rest.

Ahhh my 52 week project of 2011. 
Well, 2011 is done.  The project - it came close.
I didn't get to 52 and I am ok with that.   
It all came crumbling down in late November - around the time that I was working 7 days a week, Christmas shopping, baking, decorating, cleaning, partying, finishing my semester and shooting my assignments for school. 
Such is life.   
In hindsight, trying to shoot a creative portrait with a new person each week is a really tall order. 
Coming up with a new concept 5-6 days after finishing the last, trying to find a willing subject, hoping the idea works with them, and coordinating schedules was never easy.   The worst was when people bailed.   One weekend I walked to Queen St in Toronto just to find a stranger to photograph.  
All in all, I'd say it was a successful project.   
I met some great people, made some great photos and had a lot of fun. 
Here you are, the last of the 52:

Week 43.  Nico, a political scientist.  "Even I have my limits."

Week 44.  Christina, helping me by modeling for my school assignment as a Covergirl ;)

Week 45.  Amy, modeling vintage jewelry - also a double-up school assignment, what can I do?

Week 46.  James in Mars, Thunder Bay's newest mens clothing store.

Week 47.  Pete and Julie from The Life of A Cupcake.  The Bay never looked so festive ;)

And there you have it. 47 weeks out of 52.
I'll come back tomorrow to show off my faves from the year (a retrospective!) and tell you the plan for 2012! 

p.s. attempting some blog redesign, bear with me as I'm under construction :)

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  1. Hey, 47 out of 52 ain't bad! A lot of great shots over the year, Mel. Glad I could be part of it. :)

    The new design is a step up for sure - nice, clean and organized.


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