Saturday, November 12, 2011

Smiles this week.

As a person living in Canada, I hate this time of year. 
We had daylight savings change last weekend.  All week as I get up and head to work it's dark out. Wouldn't you know it, the sun sets at around 5 and it's pitch black as I head home.  
Plus it's getting cold.

Now, things can look up a bit as the holidays approach - when lights are on houses and Christmas trees give a twinkle I do get the warm fuzzy feeling that reminds me of happy times. 
But then Christmas and New Years end, and we're left with 3 more months of cold and dark.
I hate winter.
In an effort to not blog like a curmudgeonly old man all winter, I propose a new feature - Smiles this week.  A sort of catch-all of cool things in my corner of the world.
Feel free to join in as well - leave a link in the comments if you like.

Here we go. Round one. 

-knitting my first scarf and seeing progress slowly being made (it's a gift - can't post pics!)

-learning how to photograph glass (notoriously tricky)

-finding a set of Christmas scented body washes that make showers o so nice!

-Bakerella made Muppet Cake Pops. That's talent.  I would feel bad to eat one.
- - I could spend hours reading interesting letters from history

-watching the movie Back to the Future 2.  It had been so long that I remembered almost nothing.
Such a fun movie.

-hanging out with a friend at the Japanese Paper Place and buying papers for future photo backdrops

-a Diet Coke ad reunites me with this song from 500 Days of Summer

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! How's the winter where you are? 
Has anything brought a smile to your face this week?


  1. I agree that Winter is rather rough up here! Especially January - March! I love this idea of posting about the things that brought a smile to your face. Those Japanese papers are pretty!
    Something that has made me smile was watching New Girl (love Zooey Deschanel!), reading the new Style at Home and a hot bath with Epsom salts!
    Have a great weekend Mel!

  2. This is a really good idea.

    I think the darkness is my least-favourite part of winter too. I'm tempted to try skiing again just to give myself something fun to do this season (I used to go pretty often when I was young, but haven't in quite some time). But at this point I'm sure it'd be like learning all over again. Could be fun?

    And those Muppet cake pops are *amazing*.
    YES to Back to the Future Part II. I am incredibly biased, but I've always thought it was the perfect movie sequel.

  3. love the muppet pops! it gets dark here around 5..i hate it!


  4. What a sweet feature! I hate the dark too, I seem to permanently have a light on these days. x hivenn

  5. Houston has no winter, and neither does my native country of Australia, so I have never experienced a real winter before. :(


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