Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghosts of Hallowe'ens Past

I love Hallowe'en.
  Not really because of the scary movies, pumpkins or candy, well ok the candy too.
I love it the most for the costumes. 
I did a little bit of digging through the archives, to share some of the costumes I've worn over the past few years.   No cat ears allowed.
One of my faves as a kid.  Slice o' pizza.  Proudly wearing my UNICEF collection box, and trick-or-treating with my bro and sis. 
Marie Antoinette was my fave costume of all time.  I made the entire outfit myself, in a fit of sewing inspiration.  (Ordered the wig online.) My friend A was a beautiful raven. 
Steve and I spent one year hopping around potato-sack-style in a duvet, dressed as John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their Bed in For Peace.  
Shout outs to Bry (Casey Jones of TMNT fame) who blogs too.
Last year I was a Rockford Peach - any other fans of A League of Their Own?
Steve was a Saturday Night Live character, which I hope you know, if not, I suggest you watch.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from this years Hallowe'en party.
What's your favourite costume you've ever worn?
I've got to dig out pictures from the other 24 years of my life!

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  1. Your Halloween costumes always impress. Now hurry up and post this year's. ;)

    (Oh and hey, thanks for the shout out!)


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