Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Summer Vacation - Part Two

My Dad, Jen & Sequoia and Carter.
The reason to travel to Thunder Bay this August was for my Dad's 50th birthday.  He and his wife & 2 big dogs drove from Calgary and stayed at his brother's (my uncle's) cottage for a couple weeks.  I spent a few days out there, enjoying the lake and the pristine 70's decor :)
Check out this retro inspiration:

The carrot salt and pepper shakers above the stove!

The patterned orange and purple shag carpet is huge - maybe 12x20 feet.  I love it. 

There were plastic strip curtains, stacks of patterned chair cushions, fabric as cabinet doors, mushroom dishes and placemats that remind me of the Dainty Squid blog, and this outdoor table.  
I took advantage of the cute kitchen and made my dad a big stack of birthday pancakes.

Then spent a lot of time hanging out near the dock, watching them fish, enjoying the sound of water splashing against rocks, and doing crosswords. 

Very peaceful.


  1. I want that snoopy poster! Think you could take it off the wall and mail it to Texas? :P

    Love your blog!

  2. Oh that rug ... That purple and orange look so gorgeous together! I've always wanted to knit/crochet a rug, but I think it would turn out terrible.

    Your holiday is making me want to move back to Canada even more. I miss the long road trips! I want to conquer each provence/territory.

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