Saturday, April 16, 2011

52 weeks - week thirteen and fourteen.

week 13 - this is my classmate Caitlin.  So, the original idea for this in my head was awesome.  but executing it wasn't as easy as planned.  not the shooting of course, that was quite simple, but the photoshopping the pieces of about 30 different photos together, that was tricky to get it right.  
i'm still not entirely sure if i love it.  i like it... maybe it will grow on me. 

kim7106, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.

week 14 - this is my friend kim.  
the plan, for last saturday, when it was pouring rain and supposed to stay miserable all day, was to have kim in a car, in the rain, looking out the window with that kind of melancholic look you would have when stuck in a car in the rain, looking at a cemetary, or your ex's house, or an ice cream cone that fell on the ground.  
however, the rain cleared up within 10 minutes of us starting the shoot, and the day turned warm and sunny.  awesome weather - not the intended shot.   so, we tossed on the sunglasses and made her look like she was being driven around in a limo.  voila.

I am happy to report that after a month of absolute madness and stress, steve and
 i have found a new apartment for may.  i honestly think apartment hunting was more stressful than job hunting.  glad that its over. 
and speaking of over, i just had my last class of the semester, which feels good too.
after packing and moving, i will have some free time!
really looking forward to decorating ;)

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  1. I love both photos!! You're really talented :) Enjoy your holidays!


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