Tuesday, March 15, 2011

52 weeks - week eight, nine, ten + bonus :)

I can't believe I've missed posting about so many!
This past month has been really busy.  I'm working full-time, still have classes at school (ace-ing them, which is great) shooting the portrait a week, and am hunting for an apartment, which is killer time consuming and isn't as much fun a few weeks in as it was at the beginning. 

It's amazing how some people decorate their homes.... 

Anyway, I owe you all of these, enjoy :)

week 8 - Alex

Week 9 - Amanda Cordero, stylist
Week 10 - Shannon at the Frangipane Bakery
This last photo is a bonus - My friend Amy is a hairstylist and she needed some pics for her book - this is her friend/model Bre.  
Hope that you're having a good month of March! I am so happy to feel spring coming :)


  1. that last one is absolutely mind blowing, it's beautiful and ethereal and just plain lovely <3
    Great photos!

  2. These photos are fantastic! the first one is my favourite :)

  3. Love the retro curly hair shot. My aunt and uncle had wallpaper like that. 'Cuz it is so natural to see a forest scene in your basement rec room...


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