Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 days of getting to know me. day thirteen.

day 13 - a picture of your favorite band or artist.

I go through phases with music, right now I'm in a music-less phase.  
I haven't been searching and discovering artists, going to concerts or buying cds.  
There's been nothing new added to my itunes in months.
Eventually the pendulum will swing in the other direction & I will be as obsessed as I was when I was in 4th grade.  I would listen to the top 40 on my local radio station each Saturday and graph the songs in chart form - only leaving the radio's side for mere minutes in a 4 hour span. (I think I still have some of those kicking around at my mom's house with the old art scrapbooks)
Steve and I bonded over a love of music while working a music store together.  
His love of music never falters.  

I have to say, the one musician I can never get tired of is
Yann Tiersen - He composed the soundtrack to Amelie, one of my favourite films.
Oh, and if you haven't seen the film Amelie, I highly recommend it!
Here's a pic from Amelie - Yann isn't as photogenic ;)
And how great is this - I googled Yann Tiersen to look for a picture, and he's playing here in Toronto in 2 weeks.  Love it.


  1. i'm in a music slump too :( the radio + a few old mixed discs keep me occupied in the car.

  2. Well, Mel did you like it. I was there to and it was the most boring thing I've been to in 30 years. I was expecting Amelie. Didn't get it.


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