Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 weeks - week four.

jesse5856, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.

this week's photo is a slight departure from the hearts and vintage dresses you might be used to seeing from me, but this is my friend jesse, a writer, in my housemate's bathroom...
trying to add a little bit of variety to the mix :) 


  1. He sort of has a Johnny Depp-ish look here. Bad boy in the bath with his booze... I love the out of focus door as a frame. Cool shot.

  2. LOVE IT!!!!
    What a fantastic shot!!

  3. Yep- I, too, thought it was Johnny Depp. Edgy and cool!

  4. I thought he was Johnny Depp as well! Such an amazing picture. :]

  5. omg seriously thought it was Johnny Depp at first glance, and apparently so did everyone! That should make your friend happy, Johnny is a hottie! Great pic Mel!


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