Monday, August 16, 2010

decisions, decisions...

it's nearly that time, for me to move again!
and i don't even hate it.  i think it's because i get to start personalizing a new space.
when we move to toronto, we will at first be moving into a house shared with some good friends, which does limit the amount of decorating we (i, who am i kidding) get to do.
i have an idea of what i'd like for our bedroom but am having trouble finding the exact thing i have in my head. i may have to make it.  the bedroom is already painted, and because we don't know how temporary the place will be, we won't bother painting just yet.  the room is a blue-grey right now.  which is fine.  if it were just me, i'd go full out princess and get this bedding from anthropologie:
but steve would probably prefer otherwise. 
the runner-up/design in my head is inspired by mens suiting.  there are some that come close, but nothing just right.  truly, there is nothing better than a good looking man in a suit.  
 just an example.  *wink wink

this one from is nice, but doesn't seem polished enough.  i'd like some piping or some sort of detail to make it look, well, less lumpy. haha.
this one from is tempting, i really like the pop of colour, but it's once again probably too feminine. 
this one from is nice, but would be better if not plaid and just stripes. 
all in all, this Dora Designs plush dog doorstopper would be perfect as a duvet.  all she needs is a chartreuse floral collar, and to not look so dog-like.

what kind of bedding do you have? how do you find the balance between his & hers? or do you at all?


  1. ah we need a duvet cover...we had just a plain white one but it had a really big opening so the duvet was always moving around inside the cover and falling out by the morning so we just took it off. we really need a good duvet cover as it looks kind of sloppy without one.

    ps: mikey usually doesn't really care about things looking more feminine as long as it's not completely floral everything or pink everything haha

  2. I love the one with yellow lol, but it is pretty girly.

    ps. I finally got my canon ae-1 that I posted about. I don't know that much about them but your advice totally helped. I hope I picked out a good one lol. It comes with three lenses which is awesome.. I think haha.


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