Saturday, August 7, 2010

8 down. 14 to go.

i'm a bit late, but it's goal recap time again.  
of the 22 original goals for 2010, i have completed 8 to my satisfaction.  reminder:
the one to check off this time is a bit lame, but it's done!
i opened a savings account. whooo retirement, or a house down-payment someday, or some other completely boring but otherwise useful cause.  haha.
 i also linked my regular bank account to it, so everytime i use my bank card $2 goes into the savings.  i like saving without even thinking about it.  thanks td!

as for other goal progress, i planned a little photoshoot with some friends.
shayne gemmel and i went to high school together and now he's a fantastic make-up artist. i met hairstylist tracey bell on the film i was working on this summer, and the lovely model is my pal linds - who taught me all the self defense i know. she kicks ass.
i wanted to do something a little different, a bit darker for my portfolio. here are a few,  & as always you can see more on my flickr :)

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  1. Bravo for opening a savings account, I should too.
    Love the pics.


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