Monday, July 12, 2010

still 15 to go.

i am finished the film shoot!
it took my whole month of june and monopolized all of my time.  
and then i moved into a new apartment with a friend - we don't have internet yet  :(
so, sadly, especially for me - i didn't devote a single minute to the list of 2010 goals in the month of june. 
and it's halfway through july already! wow i need to get my but in gear on some of them. 

i do have a few photographic goodies for you blogland lovelies though...
some portraits i did with the wonderful sarah.  she's such a fun and talented gal.  
we giggled all afternoon.


  1. These photos are lovely!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I really don't get what is the necessity to have a goals' list for the year (it's a thing that I read in many blogs), I usually do what needs to be done and what I like to do, day by day, that's all.
    If I need a list to stay motivated, it means that they are not so important things or that I don't like them so much.
    Am I wrong?

  3. These are great photos...You do great work. Enjoy your new apartment and make it your own.

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  5. alessandra,
    the purpose of the goal list is to push yourself, to fit extra things into a year that you wouldn't normally accomplish. to focus and stay on task for those of us who wouldn't just be doing it everyday anyway. it works!

    carys and linda - thanks for the compliments!

  6. Thank you Mel...the problem is...I don't understand why one has to fit extra things if they are not absolutely necessary, but this must be my limit.
    Besides, I love your photos :)

  7. i can appreciate what you're saying, but it's a bit like a budget in a way too. instead of spending money or time on things that you don't really need, it keeps me in check, with goals that mean something to me.
    i'm also normally a procrastinator - i do really well with deadlines. and breaking things down into little steps helps me too - ie. "have a better photography business by 2011" is too abstract.
    "learn how to use flash more effectively"
    "open an etsy shop" + "plan 5 photoshoots for my portfolio only" are smaller steps that make the larger goal more manageable.
    and it's fun to share the goals, i've met a few people with common interests and started conversations.

  8. the lists a great idea, achieving your targets gives you the impetus to continue striving for greater goals.

    that third pic, where she's smiling, you've really captured something there, great shot.

  9. Yes I made another comment on a previous post of yours, I got it ;)

  10. Awesome photographs. Happy to find your site. Thanks for visiting my blogoir on my SITS day. I'm glad to hear that you made a good decision, too!


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