Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'au revoir france' - a french themed party

sadly my time in france is coming to an end.  our language assistant contracts ended with april and the friends i've made over the past year are starting to leave.  and so, i present "au revoir france" our little good-bye party on the last day of our jobs. 
 i'm really pleased with how my cupcakes turned out :)
i modified elsies' dowload  for the mustaches and bubbles so they'd print better on white and made the french flags with some markers. haha.   the phrases on the bubbles include some new ones we learned since moving here.  (pls don't be offended if you speak french! ha ha)
a photo backdrop was a must, and what better than a french flag made of balloons to go with our french outfits?

 oh mr silly.  love you!
 we also enjoyed a fair amount of french wine.  dancing followed.  
a great time with some awesome friends!


  1. Aw, that looks like so much fun! But how sad that you are leaving! What adventures are coming up next for you?!

  2. So great!!! Love your pics!!! What a great experience you've had!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! =)

  3. haha those phrases/gros mot on the cupcakes are cute :) looks like a fun party! are you going back home now? bon voyage!

  4. AAWWW what a bittersweet moments. You captured some great photos to serve as memories!

  5. Fabulous theme - beautifully executed :D

  6. Ah! C'est tres bien. J'espere que je peut retourner a la France a bientot! Merci!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

  7. How I love all things French. What a super party.
    How I wish I was there.
    Loving the moustache.

  8. It's sad isn't it? I am not looking forward to leaving!
    But I'll be sure to scour your blog for inside tips when I plan my French weekends!

  9. thanx for your comment :-)

    Your cupcakes make me really laugh!!! :-p
    i'm in the french part of switzerland so i understand the joke ;) putain!


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