Tuesday, March 9, 2010

thrift shopping - things i didn't buy

here are some more treasures from monday thrift hunting adventures :)
silver forks & spoons
i really like this yellow desk
random shoe vase - it reminds me of venice
old ship something-or-other-dial...lol what do you call this?
vintage hotel desk bells (and my reflection)
almanac from 1917
i feel if i had these chairs i would have to watch more science fiction movies in them.
and this i think would be dangerous.  who wants to see marilyn monroe beside them every time they look in the mirror? clearly that's why she's being sold ;)

p.s. coming soon - things i did buy :)


  1. I looove that desk!!! Fun thrifting adventure!!!

  2. Bah! That little yellow table = a-dorable! What a cute little blog you have here! Can't wait to read more. Thanks for saying hi!

  3. Love your vintage finds!! That desk and the hotel desk bells! AH! I want. Eeekkk!

  4. i went thrifting today too!
    so many treasures! and so many things i wish i would have bought!! i am LOVING the yellow desk! that is so cute! i can't wait to see what you did buy!

  5. that yellow desk is simply ooh la la!


  6. I love that desk, so cute. Although not really convinced by the orange chair!

    Stopping over from SITS - have a great Wednesday.

  7. Hi, Stopping by from SITS. Wow, what great treasures. Can't wait to see the things you did buy. I have a favorite store I shop at regulary. Not always buying, lots of looking.

  8. I am most definitely in love with the desk and the Sci Fi chair!

  9. "i feel if i had these chairs i would have to watch more science fiction movies in them" You'd have to work on the USS Enterprise at the very least.

  10. That desk is ADORABLE! Those sunnies are groovy, too :)

  11. That yellow desk is just gorgeous!! Thrift shopping in France is awesome, you are always bound to find some ´gems´.
    Greetings from the neighbouring country - Spain :)

  12. thrift stores and flea markets always have the best sunglasses. seriously I bought my last pair for $1 and they were my favorite, until I sat on them and they broke :/. lol!

  13. Those mid century modern chairs are rare, gorgeous, and worth a pretty penny! I'm certainly envious of the thrift stores you have access to!

  14. Joining the chorus about the yellow desk! Oh my hello!

    Thank you for the lovely, supportive comment on my blog today. You are so nice! :)

  15. Oooo... fun stuff! Can't wait to see what you did end up buying!!!

  16. So jealous! There is no good thrifting near me. I love that desk!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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