Wednesday, March 3, 2010

eye candy.

date :)
date :) by smilesfrommel featuring Diesel shoes

i tried on this dress at promod a couple days ago and i love it.  
but the price is the equivalent of a cheap flight to another country...
so not yet.  i'm on the hunt for the perfect spring dress from france.  this is a contender, but the dresses are just starting to appear in stores.  i need to hold out a little longer...!


  1. Sometimes - just sometimes - a dress is worth the price of a flight. After all, you might even get *more* hours of pleasure from it (depending how long the holiday is!). But only you can know ;)

  2. Thank you for coming by my blog!! I am so glad to have found yours too!! YAY :) Super excited to "meet" you!!!
    Have an amazing day! :)

  3. The dress is fab... it just sounds so romantic to be buying dresses in France. Yay for you.

    Stopping by to share some SITS love.

  4. Stopping by from SITS - the dress is cute... but I love the yellow shoes!


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