Thursday, January 14, 2010

rainy days...

today is another cold, wet, gloomy rainy day.
i don't want to get out of bed.  i just want to make polyvore collages all day.  lol.
here's one, inspired by all of the new things arriving in stores for spring.
pale greys, peaches and vintage flower prints. wow i love this dress!

spring '09


  1. wow, that dress and those heels are amazing!!!! If I could wear resses I would totally get that one!

  2. Hi, what a beautiful combination of things.
    Stopping in from SITS. hope you have a great day.

  3. i'm sorry it's taken me a few days to respond to your question! it's been crazy busy around here. :( anything special from france yoou ask, hm, well, i seriously don't know much about france and what you have there, except those berets and baguettes, hahaha! if you find something that you think i'd might like i'm sure i'll love it! :D

    & i really loved this collage! well done!

  4. oh my goodness that dress is so lovely! I love this collage! It's totally me! I just discovered your cute blog and really love it!

  5. Pretty! I love that frilly shirt!

  6. Happy Saturday Sharefest! Great find on the polyvore site - I like the outfit you put together :)

  7. Hi tanks so much for your comments on my blog, it makes me really happy, actually, i'm learning english at school, that's why I have a french/english blog.
    And i discovered polyvore by visiting your blog, i didn't know it before, now i'm totally addict! thanks, have a nive week end .

  8. I recently started reading your blog and I think you're just darling! That cluth is so so good!


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