Friday, January 29, 2010

i love having models!

let me introduce you to nina.  
she came to cannes to study french & we met thru an ad she posted, looking for people to practice with.  she has now returned to norway to finish law school, but we were able to squeeze in a short photoshoot before she left! and i do mean short, it started raining out of nowhere :(
i love having the chance to practice my lighting and photoshop skills.
if you'd like to see more, check out my flickr set.


  1. What a great model to have! And great that you made a new friend, too :D

  2. i love these! the one where she's standing in the rocks is stunning.

  3. wow these are amazing pictures!! Love it!!!

  4. Nice photos!

    Happy SITS sharefest!

  5. Wow, you a have a nice blog here, thanks for your visit...oh, and we are not so far ;)

  6. HA! Loved your comment on my blog for a couple reasons: #1, I'm also 26 and also fear a heart attack before I hit 27. LOL #2, I've done over 150 weddings at this point and I still get somewhat nervous before each one.


    Emily Heizer

  7. As you asked on my blog, it is not that we are so close either, but compared with Usa, or Canada, or Australia, or Philippines, everything is relative... I live near Milan ;)

  8. hey Mel, thanks for stopping by my blog!! You are an amazing photographer, I love your work.

  9. I love that picture of her standing in front of the water. It looks high fashion and vintage. Very nice.


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