Wednesday, January 27, 2010

canadian blast!!

last night was probably one of my favourite experiences in france so far.
my apologies if the post is slow to load...
cannes is hosting a week long music conference, and Morrison's english pub (which my friends normally frequent) held "Canadian Blast" - a showcase of lesser known Canadian talent.
about 6 weeks ago i had found the concert listing for Plants and Animals (see post below for their vid)
and didn't realize that other musicians would even be there.  it was one helluva show ;)  - and free!
(haven't looked at my pics yet will post those later)

first was Jason Bajada
who i didn't know previously, but i'm hooked

followed by matthew barber

and danny fernandez (with 2 backup dancers on a 4x8 stage)

and the incredible, phenomenal Jully Black.  She is such a strong, amazing woman!
this is an older video from a few years ago. the new album is incredible, inspirational and doesn't have videos on youtube yet.  she is soooo talented!
and my friends and i hung out with her after the show a lil bit ;)

and Plants and Animals closed!
such a great night!


  1. Very cool. Will definitely be coming back to check out this post and listen to some of the songs.

  2. Visiting from SITS. Sounds like a great lineup.


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