Wednesday, December 23, 2009

merry christms eve eve!

this is a shot of my cousin's daughter, that i took a couple years ago.  she's so cute.

we're in paris now, but i haven't taken a single picture here yet.  i've been feeling under the weather a bit, steve is getting over whatever it was he had last week, and i haven't had the energy to lug out the equipment into the cold.  i'm finished all of my christmas shopping,  and i think today i'm going to make perogies, maybe cabbage rolls, and some kind of cookies.  and then hopefully feel like taking at least a little walk to see the lights tonight.
lately we've spent a lot of time seeing these faces:

some old faves... and then national lampoon's - which we watched half and hour of before turning it off.  too stupid.  and we've begun watching the office from the beginning, cleared through 3 seasons while steve felt sick.  lol.  i love jim and pam.


  1. ooh sick in paris? at least it's a gorgeous place to be sick in... i'm sure a baguette with tomatoes and brie would snap me back to health, perhaps you should try that! :-)

    merry christmas by way of SITS!

  2. That santa pic is so adorable :D

  3. I do hope you had some good Christmas days in Paris!!! Wishing you a Merry, merry christmas from HOlland!!!

  4. I still watch Christmas Vacation every year. I think I am hung up on the outlandishness of it. Hope you feel better soon. Stopping in from SITS :o)

  5. Hi, I am comining to you by way of SITS. So sorry to hear about your food poisoning episode. Hoope you feel better soon and are able to see the sights. Thanks for letting me visit.

  6. Loved your picture!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  7. Oh my goodness. That Santa picture is too precious! I hope you feel better soon!


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