Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things are gettin better...

It's an understatement to say that things in France have gotten better over the past couple weeks. The greatest relief: Steve found out last week that he's got a job! He'll be a language assistant (like me) at 2 schools - a high school about a 5 minute walk away, and at a junior high school a bit further. No word yet on what his schedule will be - his first day is November 5th.
We seem to have finally overcome whatever illness
was kicking our butts for a couple weeks. Just occasional sniffles left now.
And I am currently on 2 weeks paid vacation!! After spending a breezy 20 hours or so actually working in the classroom, it's fall break. Hilarious, and pretty great. The downside however, is that I have too much free time. Yes it's entirely possible, I'm living it. Free time with financial freedom is one thing, but free time with a tight budget (soon to be loosened, once Steve starts work and I get my pay) is a bit difficult! Thankfully we have internet access at home now, and that, as always, is a time vampire.
Here's a peek at Cannes, where I've been exploring, and what I've been up to.

Making soup - this is a slight variation on Steve's mom's lentil soup recipe. Delicious and good for sore throats & stuffed noses.

Window shopping. Unfortunately/fortunately(?) the street below ours is chock full of designer stores. Prada, Gucci, you name it. This cute bag = more than

Strolling the boardwalk. The weather is too cold to actually swim or sunbathe, but the French still like to sit and watch the passersby. (and judge them)

Browsing the markets. There are a few, and they're often. This one is full of art, flowers, antiques and some tourist garbage - directly beside:

bocce courts. There have been times when nearly 100 old men are standing around watching the intense competitions. Tee hee!

and finally, this is the street where I can shop. Our grocery store is to the right of where I'm standing. I'd say I'm here almost everyday. It's just a couple blocks over from our apartment building.


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  2. Gorgeous pictures Mel. Franc and I are jealous! We miss you!


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