Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving On....

In the latest adventure in my life, I have once again moved cities. I have spent nearly a year in Toronto, and really did like it there. It has been truly bittersweet to leave. On one hand I begin a new chapter, which is exciting. On the other hand, a chapter closes. There are many things that I've come to love about life in Toronto, but I will miss these things the most.
Above all else I will (and already do) miss my Toronto family. Mainly my roommates and old classmates from college, they have been spectacular. Cindy especially - she has become a veritable sister to me. I'm not sure if I'll ever have such a great set of roommates again. I'll miss the Huron house parties, the mini film reunions every month, and even, perhaps down the road, miss Brad and Frank's plastic pellet gun fights.
The TTC. Torontonians complain about it every second they get, but wow. It was an incredible machine. It manages to move millions of people everyday, in a ballet that everyone takes for granted. Kudos.
The ladies at the Urban Scrapyard. Thanks so much for coming to visit me every week, and I hope you all manage to find the time to use up the stashes you have at home. ;)
Oddly enough, I grew a sort of attachment to a tree in Toronto. More specifically, the weeping willow that I would pass every morning on the way to work, in the Mount Pleasant cemetary near Davisville. I can't wait to visit the tree to see what it looks like in the summer. It's striking.


  1. Toronto misses you, too. That picture makes me miss the willows at my old house. The TTC is much better this year than it was last year.
    Those are my thoughts.

  2. Mel!

    I miss you too! It was an absolute pleasure having you here. I agree, you've become a veritable sister to me too. Always keep in touch, and visit as often as you can (I will too).

    And, I love that tree too. Great picture! It looks gorgeous in the summer.


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